Socket box

This is the most commonly used form of packaging carton in packaging box structure, such as most commonly used wholesale packaging. This structure has tangent lines on the surface of the box according to different shapes, which can open the lid of the box, making it easy to open and take out the goods. The type of socket packaging box is printed on white cardboard or pit paper, which can be folded after die-cutting, with upper and lower lugs, and the upper and lower parts are the same, mostly split or opened on the same side. Its advantages are simple shape, simple process, and low cost, such as the use of this structural form in ordinary wholesale packaging. Application; Food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. are widely used and suitable for lightweight goods.

Product Introduction

Specification: You can customize the shape size according to your requirements.
Material: Customized according to customer requirements. The material of the paper box includes: (250g, 300g, 350g) white paper mounted E-tiles.
Printing: Four color printing or spot color design according to customer requirements, or customized according to customer samples.
Film covering: Film covering can be divided into bright film and matte film. Different films have different effects, and customers can decide whether to cover or what film to cover according to their own needs.
The function of lamination: Special film materials are used to lamination printed materials, which can not only reflect the soft and rough texture of matte, but also block ultraviolet rays and inhibit the fading of printed materials.
Other processes: polishing, hot stamping, silver stamping, embossing, embossing, UV, frosting, refraction, etc.
Widely applied to:Packaging for products such as food, dairy packaging, digital electronic products, household appliances, toys, hardware accessories, clothing service, gifts, etc.

Success Cases

Successful case: glasses-free 3D card box anti-counterfeiting customization


Anti-counterfeiting, special, strong visual impact


The process adopts naked-eye 3D, laser, hot silver, which gives people a strong sense of visual impact at a glance, and the customer is very satisfied

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