Custom Printed Packaging Kraft Paper Box

Product Name:Custom Printed Packaging Kraft Paper Box
Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces
$0.08 - $0.30
Category:Shopping Box
Keywords: Custom Packaging Kraft Paper Box
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Product Introduction

Product nameCustom Printed Packaging Kraft Paper Box
Industrial UseBusiness & Shopping
Paper TypePaper Corrugated Board
FeatureRecycled Materials
Custom ordersAccept
OriginShanghai, China
Box TypeRigid Boxes
Printing HandlingMatt Lamination, Varnishing, Stamping, Embossing, Glossy Lamination, UV Coating, VANISHING, Gold Foil, Custom Design
Brand NameCustom

Success Cases

Success story: custom gift box


Eco-friendly, durable materials. Ensure the box is attractive, easy to assemble, and offers internal protection.


Use high-quality, recyclable materials to create custom gift boxes based on client designs and sizes. Eco-friendly, simplify assembly, add protective compartments, and follow sustainable practices. Offer bulk order discounts to balance quality and cost.

Successful case: boutique flower cake gift box customization


Fresh, comfortable, reflecting the original ecological environmental protection and health


Green is a natural color system, green as the main color, in the form of flowers can be the natural, pure, refreshing characteristics of flower cake very well highlighted, which is no other color can compare.

Successful case: glasses-free 3D card box anti-counterfeiting customization


Anti-counterfeiting, special, strong visual impact


The process adopts naked-eye 3D, laser, hot silver, which gives people a strong sense of visual impact at a glance, and the customer is very satisfied

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