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Product Introduction

Display panels

The general display board is made of color spray painting surface covered on the KT board, and the standard size of the finished KT board is 90cmX240cm or 120cmX240cm, so that if the board is divided into two pieces, it becomes 90cmX120cm or 120cmX120cm in size, which is the so-called "standard board". In addition, the size of the "standard plate" separated in half (such as 90cmX60cm, or 120cmX60cm) is a "standard size". In this way, when making display panels, the size should be consistent with the "standard size", and the finished standard board can be used to the fullest extent without wasting materials, and the cost of the display board can be reduced.


The size of the poster often confuses some students, because the size of A4 and A3 that we often use are the standard size of the international folio, and in the printing house, there is only a difference between generosity and positive folio, corresponding to the A and B formats of the international folio size, but their size is different

Success Cases

Success Story: Calendar Customization


Customer demand, literary and artistic sense, simple atmosphere


With simple tones to give people visual beauty, give more breath of life, the process adopts hot silver process scraping screen, UV printing with environmentally friendly materials and ink green printing.

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