We provide customized label printing and gift box printing for food or beverages, combining brand identity and product messaging. The printing materials/inks are food safe and compliant.

Liquor labels

Mingcai serves foreign wine suppliers, including white wine, red wine, foreign wine, rice wine, etc., printing high-quality and tactile wine labels to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Industry Applications

All kinds of food label gift boxes

Provide all kinds of food self-adhesive labels and gift box printing, which can beautify the appearance of food and beverage packaging, enhance brand image, and achieve the purpose of enhancing product sales

Industry Applications

Tea/coffee/soy and dairy drinks/fruit and vegetable juices/carbonated drinks

Provide high-quality labels and gift box printing for all kinds of beverages

Industry Applications

Success Cases

Success story: customized small aluminum box luggage


Lightweight, simple and atmospheric


Different from other products, it can be reused and multi-functional. The color is red, giving people an atmosphere and simple feeling, which attracts people's attention.

Mingcai, China Label Printing Manufacture, Create personalized custom labels , Stickers, Gift Box and more for your business.