Antimicrobial solutions

Antimicrobial solutions

Mingcai focuses on production environment management, production process traceability, product quality and safety, strict environmental specifications and process management, all products are produced in independent workshops, providing various levels of medical product solutions to help improve the level of medical care.


Medical consumables solutions

Mingcai has a rigorous sterile dust-free medical workshop environment, the production process ensures cleanliness, has a complete medical consumables solution, the use of materials include non-woven fabrics, hydrophilic films, medical tapes, hydrogels, biosensing conductive inks, etc., can produce dressings for wound care, medical tapes, seam-free tapes, waterproof and breathable films; Electrode patches and blood glucose test strips for cardiovascular function diagnosis; Finished and semi-finished medical consumables such as percutaneous patches and beauty masks for personal care.

Industry Applications

Medical electronics solutions

Mingcai provides all kinds of medical electronic equipment solutions, printing and processing process applications include remote medicine common home monitoring (such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, etc.), medical imaging (such as ultrasound, X-ray machine) and clinical care (such as POCT, mobile diagnosis and treatment workstation) and other medical electronic products, using a variety of material panels, light guide sheets, medical device unique identification UDI (Unique Device Identification) labels, Related product technologies such as high-temperature resistant labels or die-cut internal mechanism parts give medical electrical products a clear indication function and improve the overall surface texture of product design.

Industry Applications

Medical workshop environment

Medical workshop environment Control of microorganisms Control of dust particles Temperature and humidity control Control of air pressure

Industry Applications

Success Cases

Success story: customized small aluminum box luggage


Lightweight, simple and atmospheric


Different from other products, it can be reused and multi-functional. The color is red, giving people an atmosphere and simple feeling, which attracts people's attention.

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