Green and sustainable development

The road to sustainable development of green packaging

Green packaging is a moderate packaging that can be recycled, recycled or degraded and decayed, and does not cause pollution to the human body and the environment throughout the life cycle of the product.


The road to sustainable development of green packaging

1) Implement packaging reduction. Green packaging should be the least dosage of moderate packaging under the condition of meeting the functions of protection, convenience, and sales. Countries such as Europe and the United States have listed packaging reduction as the preferred measure for the development of harmless packaging. 2) Packaging should be easy to reuse or easy to recycle. The purpose of reuse is achieved through repeated reuse, or through recycling waste, producing recycled products, incinerating and using heat energy, composting to improve the soil, etc. It does not pollute the environment and makes full use of resources. 3) Packaging waste can be degraded and corrupted. In order not to form permanent garbage, non-recyclable packaging waste should be able to decompose and decay, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the soil. Mingcai attaches great importance to the development of packaging materials that use biological or photodegradation. 4) Packaging materials should be non-toxic and harmless to human bodies and organisms. Packaging materials should not contain toxic substances or the content of toxic substances should be controlled below the relevant standards. 5) In the entire life cycle of packaged products, there should be no pollution or pollution to the environment. That is, the whole life process of packaging products from raw material collection, material processing, manufacturing products, product use, waste recycling and recycling, to final treatment should not cause pollution to the human body and the environment. 6) Also known as environmentally friendly packaging, it refers to packaging that saves resources, can be recycled after use, has no toxic gas when incinerating, and occupies less arable land when landfill and can be biodegradable and decomposed.

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Success story: customized small aluminum box luggage


Lightweight, simple and atmospheric


Different from other products, it can be reused and multi-functional. The color is red, giving people an atmosphere and simple feeling, which attracts people's attention.

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