Anti-counterfeiting solution

The proliferation of fake and inferior goods

Counterfeit and shoddy products are rampant, and brand merchants cannot crack down on fake consumers from the root cause,

Channel data is difficult to control

Problems such as interception of activity expenses, falsification of write-off data, and regional honey goods emerge in endlessly

Self-adhesive anti-counterfeit label

Anti-counterfeit label technology is made of self-adhesive adhesive, which is based on self-adhesive adhesive. It is made by using printable paper as the fabric, covering adhesive and adhesive on the centrifuge base paper, after surface printing, embedding anti-counterfeit technology, spraying anti-counterfeit code, scraping layer, film covering, cutting edge, die cutting and other processes.

Industry Applications

VOID uncovers the anti-counterfeiting label

Uncovering the bottom label is a comprehensive anti-counterfeit marking technology that combines the uncovering and scraping technology: based on the secondary layer of paper identification, it is formed by spraying 20 digits of anti-counterfeit numbers and then covering the printed paper with special ink

Industry Applications

Fragile paper anti-counterfeiting

The label material is fragile paper, the product is exposed and damaged, beware of being copied and used twice, used in product packaging and electronic products, the anti-counterfeiting effect is outstanding

Industry Applications

Laser security label

General users mainly observe through the naked eye, but also through the microscopic equipment to view the internal engraving features, so as to identify the authenticity technology: laser color hologram plate making technology and molded copy technology to complete the anti-counterfeiting label, plate making technology includes: dot matrix dynamic light 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium microtext, etc

Industry Applications

Success Cases

Success story: customized small aluminum box luggage


Lightweight, simple and atmospheric


Different from other products, it can be reused and multi-functional. The color is red, giving people an atmosphere and simple feeling, which attracts people's attention.

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