Food boutique gift box

The finished product requires that there should be no scratches and streaks on the surface of the gift box, and it should be flat, without deformation and bending, smooth and without wrinkles.

Product introduction

Finished product size:can be customized according to customer requirements
Product material: This box is made of gray board
Production process:4C+ lamination, hot stamping, local bright UV, die-cutting, waste cleaning, adhesive and, packaging.

Success Cases

Success story: customized small aluminum box luggage


Lightweight, simple and atmospheric


Different from other products, it can be reused and multi-functional. The color is red, giving people an atmosphere and simple feeling, which attracts people's attention.

Success story: high-end mask music gift box


Exquisite, stylish, atmospheric recyclable


The product is positioned as a high-end limited mask gift box, and customer needs to maintain the characteristics of music while better protecting the product, so that the gift box can be recycled sustainably, and the user experience will be improved to help customers buy back products.

Successful case: boutique flower cake gift box customization


Fresh, comfortable, reflecting the original ecological environmental protection and health


Green is a natural color system, green as the main color, in the form of flowers can be the natural, pure, refreshing characteristics of flower cake very well highlighted, which is no other color can compare.

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