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Product Name:Custom Juice Bottle Label
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Product introduction

Product nameCustom printing sticker packaging waterproof glue sticker juice plastic bottle label packaging transparent sticker
typeSelf-adhesive stickers
Custom ordersaccept
OriginShanghai, China
ModelJuice 001
typeSelf-adhesive label stickers
usageFood juice bottles
featuresWaterproof, oilproof, heat-resistant, UV-proof, environmentally friendly
brandCrown self-adhesive labels
colorCMYK and Pantone colors, customized
MOQSmall orders are acceptable

Success Cases

Success Story: Beverage Labeling


For the artwork designed by customers, Mingcai Group has given many suggestions according to years of label production plans, using double-transparent PP material to show colors and print beautiful label effects, which are deeply liked by customers


The label color transition is clear, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and the transparent PP material is selected, which is printed according to the printing process to make the color saturation better.

custom juice bottle labels

Success Story: Wine Labeling


The product is positioned in high-end limited quantities, so the wine label needs to have clear text, and the wine sticker printing process attracts attention with transcendent beauty, leaving a deep visual impression on wine lovers


Innovative 3D three-dimensional hot stamping, one machine to complete the "hot stamping + bump + frosted effect", reduce the number of machine times and bring exquisite effects
The customer originally only designed the ordinary hot stamping effect, but Mingcai provided three-dimensional hot stamping and delicate 3D effect, giving the label a new life

Custom roll sticker wine bottle labels

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