Calendar prints

Calendar is mainly a type of products that can provide product promotion for users or consumers, because most of the calendar products will include a lot of related company product information and some more exquisite pictures, so in recent years, many businesses are very much hoping to use calendar printing products to advertise their own products, providing some customers with a good product publicity effect.

Product Introduction

According to the different nature of calendar use, the calendar product can be roughly divided into business calendar, appreciation calendar, event calendar and other different types, calendar products can be the fastest and most effective way to let customers understand the user's advertising information, positive product image and even the company's image of the publicity, are introduced through the calendar, the product calendar is all kinds of enterprise necessary publicity materials, for this reason, calendar printing production is also very important.

Calendar printing often pays more attention to the expression of design content, in terms of content, Mingcai can always clearly reflect the theme of the calendar through a good method, better understand and express design ideas and design content, so as to avoid design errors, and win customer recognition with professional design.

Success Cases

Success Story: Calendar Customization


Customer demand, literary and artistic sense, simple atmosphere


With simple tones to give people visual beauty, give more breath of life, the process adopts hot silver process scraping screen, UV printing with environmentally friendly materials and ink green printing.

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