Album design Album design, using professional graphic design, software for design, commonly used software for designing albums are Photoshop, Illustratator, CorelDRAW

Product Introduction

Printed materials

The most common album is basically printed on coated paper, which is divided into 105g coated paper, 128g coated paper, 157g coated paper, 200g coated paper, 250g coated paper, 300g coated paper according to its thickness. Most corporate brochures will use 200g as the cover and 157g as the inner page of the paper material for printing, which is the easiest way to print and the cheapest price.
There are also materials that use special paper for the cover and coated paper on the inner page, and there are also corporate brochures that are all printed on special paper.

Print size

The most common album size is 16 open, that is, 210×285mm, because this size is the most paper-saving, the national standard generous paper is 889×1194mm, a large paper can just print 16 pages, so it is called generous 16 open.
The general book size is slightly different, the book is printed on the national standard positive paper, the positive size is 787×1092mm, and the size is 185×260mm in 16, so most of the fiction prose books we see in the library are this size.

Printing process

The use of color printing is the most important process of corporate brochures, all pages of color printing, bound and printed into a booklet.
However, in order to increase the aesthetic performance of the album, many albums have some other printing processes, such as embossing, UV, hot stamping, concave and convex, silk screen printing, lamination, gold rolling, air penetration, etc.

Success Cases

Success Story: Calendar Customization


Customer demand, literary and artistic sense, simple atmosphere


With simple tones to give people visual beauty, give more breath of life, the process adopts hot silver process scraping screen, UV printing with environmentally friendly materials and ink green printing.

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