Product diagram

1.Heaven and earth box
It is composed of a cover box and a bottom box, and is generally used for fastening the upper, lower, and lower.

2. Book box

It is composed of an outer leather shell and an inner box. The leather shell surrounds the inner box for a week. The bottom of the inner box and the back wall are bonded to both sides of the leather shell.

3. Double door box

It consists of a left outer box and a right outer box. There is an inner box on the inside. The left and right outer boxes are symmetrical.

4. Drawer box

Box type with drawer function, when in use, the drawer box is pulled out, which is very convenient to open.

5. Round box

The box shape is a perfect circle or ellipse, and most of them have a box structure with a heaven and earth cover.

6. Window box

Open the required windows on one or more sides of the box, and paste transparent PET and other materials on the inside to fully display the information of the contents.

7. Folding box

It can be folded freely without affecting its appearance after forming, and can save packaging and logistics costs after folding. It is a very practical box type.

8. Flip box

The difference is that the back of the box is pasted with tissue paper, which is a combination of the world cover box and the edge world cover box, which can be opened and closed freely by flipping back and forth.